Maddog Padded Chest Protector - Black

Maddog Padded Chest Protector - Black


Maddog Padded Chest Protector - Black


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BUILT FOR PAINTBALL, AIRSOFT, ETC! Maddog's Padded Chest Protector Has You COVERED! Comfortably worn over or under first layer as added protection. Great for CQB (Close Quarter Battles). Padded Chest Protector protects the front and back of the torso while leaving your arm's mobility free.
PLAY PROTECTED, SHOOT COMFORTABLY! Padding everywhere you need it! Flexible armor for easy maneuvering and minimal break in period. Don't get shot without protection! Maddog Chest Protectors provide lightweight front and back protection. Built with elastic shoulder straps and an adjustable velcro belt closure around the waist. Fully Adjustable Sized to Fit Most, Youth to XL!
TAKE THE PAIN OUT OF PAINTBALL! For added protection on the field, in the woods, etc! Whether it's paintball, airsoft, low impact / high impact, or otherwise.. Getting shot hurts! Don't wait until it's too late! Wear under coveralls or on top of your first layer.
DON'T BE AFRAID TO WIN! Play with confidence! Leave the welts and bruises to the everyone else.. Maddog's padded chest protector helps soften the blow of a direct hit! Comfortable, functional chest and back protection built for paintballers, airsofters, etc.
SAFETY FIRST! It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.. So Don't! Maddog Keeps You in the Game for Longer! Lightweight, Padded Protective Coverage Without Compromise! Perfect Chest Protector for Paintballing, Airsoft, Etc!

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