11 Piece Kinetic Speed Agility Training Strength Leg Resi...

11 Piece Kinetic Speed Agility T...


ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS are the premier fitness product for strength training and resistance training programs. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, cross Fitness Enthusiasts of all fitness levels Martial Artists / Boxers / Muay Thai / MMA Fighters Track & Field Athletes Team Sports Athletes engaged in sports such as: Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Rugby etc.. Individual Sports Athletes engaged in sports such as: Tennis, Gymnastics, Cycling, Track & Field, Martial Arts and anyone just looking to get into shape; our resistance bands will have you getting in better shape without the need for a gym membership or the risk of lifting heavy weights. Over-straining one self is one of the greatest causes of injury with weightlifting. It is very hard to tell how much weight you should use, and peer pressure or the urge to impress can cause you to use too much weight and then hurt yourself. With resistance bands there is no such risk. Your body will tell you exactly how much resistance you can safely handle, because - unlike traditional weights - the resistance of our exercise bands increases with extension! That means that the resistance you feel will increase gradually as you pull more. Pull less: little resistance. Pull far: more resistance. You can feel exactly how much strain you put on your muscles, and workout safely. With the 11 piece resistance bands kit, you can now workout on your own terms where ever you want whenever you choose. The two way resistance allows you to benefit twice from a single motion compared to the single upward motion you do with the traditional weights. Resistance bands allows you to get fit, lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and achieve your fitness goals. Stay fit and healthy With ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS!

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Run Faster, Increase Sprint Speed, Increase Endurance, Fast Acceleration, Jump Higher, Explosive Change of Direction, Advanced Athletic Performance, Lose Weight and Burn More With Every Resisted Body Weight Exercise.
2 High Quality Leg STRAPS_ 2 10LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10"_2 15LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10"_2 20LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10.75' _2 30LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10.75"_1 Travel Pouch
Natural rubber latex interchangeable bands attach to leg straps with strong clips on ends of bands.
PERFECT PARTNER in Speed and Strength Training. Get a Set of Elite Athletic Bands Now to Improve Your Athletic Performance!
ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS GUARANTEE: Our customers mean the world to us. For that reason, we'll only provide you with the finest products and service around, or your money back! Add your Kinetic Band to your cart, and experience the ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS customer experience phenomenon!

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